Security Solutions


CyberNet provides both onsite and on call basis services to the client company. We have kept both the options opened because we have monitored that currently the prevailing condition of support services are not familiar to most of the business. At times, Onsite supports are not feasible to the client’s business. The scope of enhanced system support covers the following areas:

Hardware Support

For hardware support, CyberNet gets involved in two ways:

  • As per client requirement, CyberNet procures hardware from reliable source according to client instruction.
  • We help to procure hardware by providing necessary assistance and information

While doing so, CyberNet monitors the utility and compatibility of the equipments with the prevailing client company working environment and facilities. Moreover, the support specialists at CyberNet are capable of installing, configuring and troubleshooting Desktop, Laptop, XDA, PDA, Tablet PC, Servers and printers

IT Asset Management

Asset management, as it is all the times, is a pretty complicated & tough task. Asset management often hampers the company’s further development flow. This fact has become a real headache as IT related (basically unseen) objects have been added herewith. CyberNet has introduced operation in this field for the client company/ companies reduce the additional headache of asset management so that the client company personnel may enjoy liberty to think, plan & implement steps for the further development of the respective company’s development flow.

Help Desk Management

CyberNet having modern out look have felt that in the on going process of much complicated office environment a single point of contact can prove to be fruitful. CyberNet already has started to provide support regarding the ‘Help Desk’ concept & experiencing good output. This particular process contains different steps like:


In future CyberNet is building up helpdesk to a trusted point of contact for all kinds of solution. Its goal about ‘Help Desk’ concept is ‘A call & Solution’.

All Desktop Software Support at User End

CyberNet resource level has attained such height that it could install, trouble shoot, & configure all kinds of desktop software/s at the client end.

Backup Service

CyberNet presently is providing the backup support service in the client end. We also have kept the option open for the clients to store their data backup under the CyberNet observation in the client end at a reasonable cost.

Desktop Warranty Management

CyberNet support team deals with the company that delivers the desktop hardware for the client company regarding the desktop warranty management. CyberNet records a call in the helpdesk call record database & tracks the call time to time & negotiate for the replacement of the procured hardware, in case any faulty one before the warranty period expires, from the hardware provider company for the client company.

Multi-vendor Liaison

CyberNet’s marketing team works not only for the expansion of CyberNet’s market rather it’s skilled team is successfully been able to maintain liaison with multi vendor so that the client company can enjoy the liberty to fulfill their requirement at one click & that is CyberNet.

DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning) Solution

In the paperless office concept, office jobs are done electronically i.e. via LAN, WAN and other electronic media. So, it is must to keep data backup under the disaster recovery plan in the remote location in case of any disaster. CyberNet, in this regard, offers to be the safest ever custodian of the client companies data in the CyberNet premises or in any remote location at the client company’s convenience.

IT Staffing

IT stuffing is a part & parcel of CyberNet’s enhanced system support team. Presently its stuffing support is available in some prime zones in the country.

General Staffing

CyberNet is providing Human resources at every segment of it’s valued client. Starting from top management to every place can be filled up by resources from CyberNet. Even some of the Major donor agencies are keeping their Consultants at CyberNet’s payroll with all applicable benefits for the Consultants.

Total Network Solutions

CyberNet is providing networking solutions on the following aspects to its respective clients


  • Designing and Implementation of LAN & WAN

CyberNet has a CISCO certified Network team. The goal of this team is to connect the client company within a single network either through LAN, WAN and MAN. This particular team is engaged in designing & implementation of Local Area Network (LAN) & Wide Area Network



  • Cabling

We are specialists in the installation of structured cabling, fiber optics and computer network cabling for companies within the country. Computer Room Installations offers its clients the complete installation package including installation, components and cable. Our skilled Engineers have experience gained from the successful completion of a number of installations.

Contracts can be carried out with very short lead times and with the flexibility to work out of normal office hours if required. Work is completed on schedule and with the minimum of disruption to existing office routines.


  • Install, Configure & Administer Server

CyberNet’s networking team has expertise in installation, configuration & administration of the servers.

IT Education

We assist to implement IT educational projects at a certain cost if any of our client wants to implement such projects.

  • Design & Implement Infrastructure:

We help our corporate clients with full design & planning support & if necessary we assist to build the total infrastructure of the whole project.

  • Design Course Curriculum:

Designing the course curriculum for the IT education project is a part of our IT Education consultancy support. We are already working with various organizations where we have a good assistance & support.

  • Training:

We provide trainer & training materials for the training purpose. Also we have engaged some personnel to assess the training procedure. Finally we certify the trainee for the final certificate examinations.

  • Create awareness of IT Education countrywide:

CyberNet is always ready to be in the same stream in building awareness

in the field level for IT education both independently & coordinately.

Back Office Solution

Any organization can outsource their entire back office to CyberNet. CyberNet is in apposition to handle the load of Back Office keeping the entire employee in its own pay role.

Software Development

Analyzing the clients need, our software analyst prepares the data model, documents business processes, and present a report of findings, customer requirements, and recommendations. After approval from our Clients, the analyst explains the skeleton to the software design team. Hence the software development process executes.

Value Addition

All our valued clients are entitled to enjoy privileged service and price form our sister concerns :

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